Recipe: Paprika Chicken and Pasta.

2 Chicken Breasts.
1 Red Bell Pepper.
1 Yellow Bell Pepper.
Ground Cinnamon.
Black Pepper.
Chicken/Steak Seasoning.
Vegetable Oil.
Creme Fraiche.

1. Cut the red and yellow bell peppers into thin slices and place them into a mixing  bowl.

2. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, black pepper and ground cinnamon to the peppers and mix them well.

3. Cut up the chicken into small cubes or pieces and place them into a separate mixing bowl.

4. Grind a plentiful amount of chicken/steak seasoning on the chicken in the bowl.

5. Add a teaspoon of salt, pepper and paprika into the bowl containing the chicken and mix well.

6. Add 1/2 a small tea cup of milk to the chicken in the bowl and mix.

7. Add a tablespoon of honey to the chicken in the bowl and mix well and leave it for 15 – 30 minutes to marinate.

8. In the meantime, bring water to the boil, adding a pinch of salt and some oil in.

9. Add your preference of pasta to the boiling pasta and make sure to stir occasionally.

10. Add a generous tablespoon of butter to a frying pan and add a little oil to stop the butter from burning.

11. Add the chicken to the pan and place the bell peppers on top of the chicken.

12. Once the chicken begins to cook through, add in about 3-4 tablespoons of paprika into the pan.

13. Stir occasionally until the chicken fully cooks through.

14. Drain your pasta water into a strainer, then put your pasta into a big pot and onto the hob.

15. Add your paprika chicken and peppers fry into the pot and mix throughout.

16. Add a big tablespoon of creme fraiche, and mix until a creamy consistency is formed.