GC Poetry: Then And Now // Seif Salem.

Oh how fast time flies,
Flickering flashbacks preceding my eyes,
Oh how drastically life can change,
Whoever could have guessed its range,
Less carelessness, absurdity, festivity,
Most of which now is contemplation, responsibility,
Of course with age there’s less dependence,
And the goal is not preference, but rather reference,
What did life mean when we were young and sprouting?,
Just going with the flow, following the lead, chasing,
How small things were, the good, and the bad,
And how reactions were justifiably mad,
Now matters have expanded, multiplied,
Life has become meaningless and intensified,
Different subjects pursuing the same goals, living in parallelism,
Determination for many, for others, scepticism,
Time is a constant, urged to be kept in mind,
All else is variable, but each moment, one of its kind,
Oh how I aspire to bring together the pros of both then and now,
Oh how I aspire to rid the cons of them, but how?