GC Poetry: Circle Of Friends // Seif Salem.

Amusing it is to watch how people come and go,
Some help build you, others break you, almost like lego,
It is pleasurable to have an accomplice at hand,
Someone to depend on, who can understand,
However, just like we make new friends, we lose some,
At times we know why, other times we wonder how come?
It is substantial, crucial to choose the ones around,
Learn to know their reality however they may sound,
A wolf selects its pack, each individual for a virtue,
A traitor is undoubtedly left behind, regardless of their debut,
Look around you, you never know what can happen,
So differentiate and distinguish the precious from the rotten,
Cut loose the ones that bring negativity and bad influence,
Avoid surreptitiousness or malevolence, seek benevolence,
Learn to grasp the ones that bring you harmony, not harm,
Keep them in a proximate circle, for they are like a charm,
You will find it surprising how the less there are, the better,
Contrarily, only the quality and affinity are what matter,
Even if we have numbers of self-appointed friends, not necessarily a few,
We have reached a stage in life where we trust only one or two.


Published by

Meriem Ahmed.

Meriem Ahmed. 20 years old. Wicklow, Ireland. English & Sociology BA. Aspiring poet, journalist and blogger.

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