GC Writing: Noughts & Crosses, By Nayera Shoman.

But baby, we vowed that our stars will never meet in a thousand years.
We’re not right for each other; we know it deep in our bones.
How can I fall so hard for someone so wrong?
I’m amazed by you in each and every possible way; my soul, simply, loves yours.
You hold my happiness in the palm of your hands, and you can’t grant me it.
Our love is cursed in someway; I’ve tried to lift it, I really did.
Our differences are killing me, draining me out.
I knew the day would come, when you’d find the “right one”.
I kept telling you “I’m ready”, I thought I was.
I am not.
Now, I have to sit and watch you walk away.
I’m not like the rest.
I won’t accept that.
This rage inside me, I want it to stop.
You made a mess out of me.
Well, you’re the only one who can pick up my pieces .
My dearly disaster, you define in every way, “the perfect heartbreak”.
I wonder, do I ever cross your mind?
“Nothing will change”, you promised.
It all changed.
If I had the chance to turn back time to when we first met, I would take one glimpse and walk past you.
Suddenly, I remember, we both vowed on this chaos.


Published by

Meriem Ahmed.

Meriem Ahmed. 20 years old. Wicklow, Ireland. English & Sociology BA. Aspiring poet, journalist and blogger.

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