GC Poetry: Preferences // Seif Salem.

Don’t we all despise when things don’t go as wanted?,
Don’t we all want our preferences to be granted?,
Even in minor situations, life is unpleasant that way,
The more often that occurs, the stronger we smell life’s decay,
It’s the little things that matter, which we can usually control,
More fundamental things too, who elseway touch the soul,
How is it that we think our preferences are impeccable,
While considering anything else not less than despicable,
Rather dreary when the distasteful unequally overweighs,
But equilibrium, even parallelism draw joy we cannot erase,
Lucky are a select few who unexplainably get their pick,
Looks like their life is effortlessly courteous and quick,
Luckier are fewer ones who have someone to share it with,
People pure and proximal to forge a bond with like the work of a blacksmith,
It does not matter if our priority isn’t always achieved,
Life is fair but never compliant, that must be believed,
Do not doubt fate, have faith in being relieved,
Eventually life constructs alternatives, do not be deceived,
Happiness is then fulfilled and the past is only forgotten,
Yet we are oblivious and only eye what’s next to happen.


Published by

Meriem Ahmed.

Meriem Ahmed. 20 years old. Wicklow, Ireland. English & Sociology BA. Aspiring poet, journalist and blogger.

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