GC Poetry: Dear Self // Seif Salem.

Feelings, emotions, mentally amusing,
Though sometimes it can be abusive,
Love, hate, anger, fear,
Given advice is a must hear,
One might get emotional stress,
If one does not truly express,
All is fair in love and war,
But hurtful feels when going encore,
Do not stress, feelings come and go,
If you have some, let them show,
Tell the world, express and explain,
You’ll feel  a November with no rain,
Don’t be shy, ride the train,
Do not hide and don’t refrain,
Let it out, make the heart happy,
Don’t keep it in, you’ll feel crappy,
My advice is don’t stress,
All your goal is, is to express!


Published by

Meriem Ahmed.

Meriem Ahmed. 20 years old. Wicklow, Ireland. English & Sociology BA. Aspiring poet, journalist and blogger.

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