GC Poetry: Earth // Youssef Al-Shanti.

The enlightened sun.
The stupendous trees.
Barefoot I run.
Feeling the breeze.

To nature I come.
Naked free.
Crazy to some.
But sane to me.

It’s mystical.
It’s a fairytale.
Not logistical.
No cuffs no jail.

With the monkeys.
I shall climb.
No doors no keys.
Don’t need a dime.

Toes in the dirt.
Arms to the sky.
Chest high, no shirt.
No animal is shy.

The ocean is my pool.
The lake is my bath.
The rock is my tool.
The sand is my path.

The rain is a blessing.
In it we thrive.
No matter how depressing.
Wet and alive.

Simplicity in life.
Beauty in design.
Clear cut with a knife.
Nothing due, no line.

To nature I ask.
With abundance it gives.
No work no task.
Only God decides who lives.

If I believe.
It will apear.
I will not leave.
Feed the deer

I am a lion.
In a coalition.
I am a stallion.
Run no permission.

In the wild.
I shall be.
No papers, nothing filed.
No bill, no fee.

In the salt water.
I heal my scars.
In the night.
I reach for the stars.

The leaf yields medicine.
Like the flower for the soul.
Lotion on skin.
In the fire wood becomes coal.

The vibrant colors.
Unified with no symmetry.
Combined like lovers.
I see the chemistry.

No ego.
Only modesty.
Away we go.
Christal clear honesty.

In the den I sleep.
No fear only friendship.
The fruits I reap.
Watching every hunt, and every courtship.
With frog I leap.

With the birds I fly.
Only with my soul.
No artificial dye.
All is real all is whole.

Under the water fall.
Calm meditation.
No roof, no wall.
No hunger, only satiation.

In the storm.
The beauty of destruction.
Ruination, and loss of form.
Listen to natures injunction.

In the demolition wisdom is found.
In the ruins life is renovated.
In every death creatures feed or become ground.
The weak are eliminated.

From nature I come.
In it I shall die.
Crazy to some.
But sane to I.


GC Poetry: Flaking On Love // Luke Conroy.

We were perfect
Morning walks

Street light strolls
My thoughts meandered
down the cobbles
I tip toed too long
Mind racing

Running away from me

Unsure in the heat of it
Relishing in opportunity

I watched you
melt in my hands
Snared in the mess
Caked in desperation
love squandered

Running away from me.

I poured my guts out

I scream
all too late
Caked in desperation
You cant admire your icecream long
Or else you’re left
a puddle
a flake


Flaking on love