Insecurities // Meriem Ahmed.

Insecurities don’t ask you to be skinny
they don’t hate it if you’re fat –
they ask you to be happy,
to accept all that you have.

They don’t ask you for straight hair
or for your skin tone to even out –
they ask you to love your skin regardless,
to shake off all your self-doubt.

Insecurities don’t care for filters
or the photos on your social stream –
they want you to be comfortable
with being heard and being seen.

Insecurities don’t keep you quiet
they don’t tell you to be scared –
they want you to control your tears
to ignore the voices in your head.

Insecurities don’t care if you’re anxious
they don’t want to know if you feel depressed –
they want you to feel only tired
and not lonely in your bed.

Insecurities won’t ever ask of you,
something you can easily achieve.
It won’t ever give you a solution,
or a reason for it to leave.

It’ll ask you to try hold grasp,
on what’s beyond control.
And when you think you’ve got a grip,
it’ll only then ask for more.

Insecurities are not something you can shake
or try to rip at the seams.
Insecurities are deep down within us,
like roots of willow trees.

They are planted in our hearts
by our communities and societies.
They answer to all those around us
but never ask us for what we see or believe.

But I’ll keep digging and digging
to try find what’s rotting beneath.
I’ll keep searching and searching
’till I find the light and love within me.


Published by

Meriem Ahmed.

Meriem Ahmed. 20 years old. Wicklow, Ireland. English & Sociology BA. Aspiring poet, journalist and blogger.

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